This Week’s Prayer Guides


Sunday, September 3rd Time after Pentecost
Reading: Psalm 26:1-8, Matthew 16:21-28
Pray for all college and graduate students.

Monday, September 4th Reading: Revelation 13, Isaiah 23
Pray for all college professors and college support staff.

Tuesday, September 5th Reading: Revelation 14, Isaiah 24
Pray for all babies born pre-mature and their parents.

Wednesday, September 6th Reading: Revelation 15, Isaiah 25
Give thanks for all those celebrating birthdays this month.

Thursday, September 7th Reading: Revelation 16, Isaiah 26
Pray for all those who are preparing equipment for harvesting.

Friday, September 8th Reading: Revelation 17, Isaiah 27
Pray for all those involved with fall athletic programs.

Saturday, September 9th Reading: Revelation 18, Isaiah 28
Give thanks for all those celebrating anniversaries this month.

Our Savior’s Cemetery Regulations


Cemetery Regulations Draft.May.2016


Parish Mission Statement

"Saved by grace through faith for service: Our Savior's - Opdal Lutheran Parish is a community of Faith and Love focused on God's love in Jesus Christ saved and sent by the Spirit, we work TOGETHER to proclaim Christ's love in Word and Deed to all ... both near and far.

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